Send us any more questions you have, and we are happy to answer them!

What can I contact you about?
Our volunteers are happy to help with anything you think of! From study tips, staying engaged in online lectures, using note-taking software, studying virtually, studying apps, technology help, and anything else we can help with!

How do I get started?
All you need to do is contact us from the “contact us” page, or use our chat service when someone is online and speak to them! It’s really easy to get started!

Is this a free service?
Yes! StudentsSHARE is a volunteer service, and is completely free for all users!

Are there really students answering our questions?
Yes! The main goal of the organization is for people to feel comfortable reaching out to us students because we can relate to you. To learn more about our volunteers, check out our ‘Meet the Volunteers’ page.

Can I post anonymously?
The contact page requires you to type in your email address so that our volunteers can get back to you, so unfortunately, this is not anonymous. However, volunteers will only know your email address and first name unless you chose to give them more information about your school, etc.

How do I contact one specific volunteer on the website?
If you are interested in speaking to one volunteer in particular, mention that person’s name in your email subject line. If using the ‘Contact Us’ page, just mention the person’s name in your message, and we will get your message to the right person.

How long does it take for volunteers to get back to us?
It really depends. We try to check out inbox at least once a day, and if we are speaking via the chat button, we will be on longer. But the goal is to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, but with an answer that is adequate.

Algunos de ustedes hablan español?
Sí, algunos de nosotros hablamos español. Tenemos está información en nuestras biografías en la página ‘About the Volunteers’ y pueden contactarnos en Español si quieren.

Should I use this service for questions that just require one answer, or do you do long-term mentoring?
Whichever you want! We are happy to help with one-time questions, or we are happy to help with more long-term questions as well (study tips, note-taking tips, check-ins, etc.) We are here for you, so you tell us whatever it is that you want help with and we will work with that.

Do you do phone calls? Or is it only messages?
Currently, StudentsSHARE does not have its own phone number, so we are only taking questions via messages or emails. We do our best to respond very quickly though, even to emails.

I would love to volunteer with StudentsSHARE! How do I get involved?
We would love to have more volunteers join StudentsSHARE, and we are always looking for more people with a variety of areas of expertise. If you are interested in becoming a StudentsSHARE volunteer, please contact Ivana via the contact me page, StudentsSHARE email, or chat feature, and she will let you know more about the process to become a volunteer.

Is there any specific location/state that StudentsSHARE serves?
No! Anyone can use the services, and since it’s an online service, anyone can ask questions from any area. If you feel this is a useful resource for your school/school district/region, please let us know, and we can try to set up a more organized system to get this program involved with where you are.